• Happy New Year to all my Omies!!!!

    The Twisted Sister hubby, Craig Simon, stopping in to say hello. Thank you for a wonderful 2016, as it was an eventful and challenging year for all. Between politics and a sluggish local economy, no one would have predicted things could get any worse for the Lafayette, LA area. As if our local oil field isn’t suffering enough, we were graced (sarcasm) with 24” of rainfall in 24 hours, flooding much of Acadiana including the entire community of our beloved Youngsville in August 2016. Many families are just now able to move back into their homes six months later. Ragin Cajuns are a hearty bunch and we will continue to prosper as our community bounces back from this great challenge.

    This year has started off with a bang at Twisted Sisters Yoga. We have many exciting things in store as the studio grows. Katelyn and I travelled 8,000 miles to Hawaii over the New Year, and we are excited about some of the new techniques we learned. We are considering adding some new classes in the Spring, stay tuned. Our first yoga teacher training is coming along and we look forward to our newest teachers joining us on the schedule. Twisted Sisters Yoga was thrilled to host David Williams for an amazing Ashtanga workshop in February.  We enjoyed every minute of our time with the great Ashtangi, and look forward to continuing to learn from him on future trips to his hometown in Hawaii, and hopefully when David visits us again in Lafayette in a couple of years. We enjoyed getting to know many of the other local yogis from the Lafayette area, and yogis from other studios who also enjoy and teach the Ashtanga practice. We are excited about our next venture happening in May.  Little Flower Yoga from New York will be bringing their Level 1 Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training to our studio.  Twisted Sisters Yoga is passionate about getting kids started on the path of mindfulness at a young age, and this helps us share and spread it throughout our community.  

    Our biggest news at the moment is the opening of our newest location to serve the Acadiana area in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. We are set to open Monday, March 6th, 2017. New classes are being offered in addition to our traditional Hatha yoga.  We have decided to offer Zumba, Pilates, and Series classes geared towards specific health and wellness goals.

    Bring on 2017! A big Thank You to our community for the support, Thank You to our teachers for their hard work, and Thank You to the yogis that believe it is possible to bring yoga to Every Body!



  • The After Stress Glow

    After all the planning and millions of small details that kept cropping up, the big day finally arrived. Was it going to rain? Would the rain stop people from coming? What would we do if we had more people than the studio can hold? Would people like what we have to offer? Would anyone show up for our Taste of Yoga Opening Celebration?

    And finally we just had to turn it over to the universe and allow whatever happened to happen and just enjoy it all. Even though my husband Craig, wasn’t going to be there (He had an unexpected business obligation that took him to Hawaii and meant he wasn’t going to be there to share in either my disappointment or joy), I decided that joy was the only option, no matter what.

    The morning was hectic. We had a nicely attended Yin class at 9, followed by a Slow Burn class. Both were well received and many of the students were new to yoga. (I can’t describe the feeling of bringing the joy of yoga to those who have never experienced it.) After that, I knew the day couldn’t possibly be a bad one.

    My father-in-law, Sidney, and sister-in-law, Myssi, came from Houston with her compact photo booth. My mom showed up with a few healthy snacks. My dad finished putting up logo stickers and decorations and my three fellow teachers arrived ready to do whatever was asked of them. We got the bad news that the weather in Baton Rouge was really bad, so Daniel, our healing tones musician wasn’t going to be able to make it. Before anyone had the slightest chance to be disappointed, people started to arrive in a steady stream. All happy, all delighted to see the studio in Youngsville, some with their mats others with a towel.

    Everyone was ready to work hard and we managed to squeeze 38 people and their mats into the studio space. We began with Lanier teaching a Yin segment to warm everyone up, then I stepped up to lead an abbreviated Ashtanga series of sun salutations A and B and a few standing postures, then Lauren led a Vinyasa flow. Laurie brought everyone through a Power Yoga segment and to Savasana. Lanier helped the class awake with a few laughing breaths assuring that everyone arose with a big smile.

    When all was said and done more than 40 people showed up to help us celebrate in true Louisiana fashion, family, good food and lots of fun. While there was a lot of work, sleepless nights and stress involved, this day convinced me that we are on the right path and that I haven’t really lost my mind for starting a yoga studio.

    If I had any remaining doubts, they ended this morning when I arrived at the studio at the crack of dawn to find students waiting to take the 6 am class, and more showed up for 9 am Vinyasa, and then for the 10:30 am chair class. Things increased from there with people dropping in to find out more about what we have to offer, buy class passes and shop in the boutique.

    A huge thank you to friends and family who made the day such a success and to all of the community who supported the effort and the studio. You fill my heart with such gratitude.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting the dream and helping to get Twisted Sisters Yoga off to such a great start.


    Katelyn & Lauren

  • T Minus 16 days and Counting aka Headless Chicken Time

    OMG it's a little over two weeks until our opening celebration! I thought things were hectic before but there's still so much to do. It is amazing how many details there are to deal with and every time you turn around something new pops up. Headless chickens have nothing on someone opening a new business. SQWAAAAAUK!

    This week we launched our website and Facebook page and created an event to celebrate our opening - "A Taste of Yoga."  The focus of the celebration is a FREE 90 minute class comprised of breath work, 15 minute segments of each of the forms of yoga we offer, and Savasana. Anyone who attends can take part in the class to experience for themselves what each form of yoga is really like and which works best for them. Or they can choose to just observe.  (I hope everyone remembers to bring a towel or yoga mat...oh, I need to add that to the announcement!)

    It is going to be a great celebration on Saturday, June 18 from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. Not only are we teaching the 90 minute class, we're going to have light refreshments that are sure to leave a great taste in your mouth. You'll have the opportunity to meet all of our teachers and ask as many questions as you like. Trust me, yoga teachers LOVE talking about yoga. We may even have some surprises that even I don't know about yet.  (My assistants in this process are very creative.)

    At first we were worried that only a handful of friends and family would show up for the event. Response has been so great that, now, we have to plan for what happens if hundreds of people show up. (I hope we have that problem.) Fortunately there is a beautiful flat lawn overlooking the pond that makes a perfect spot to have an outdoor class. Yoga, nature, the waterfall like sounds of the fountains...fingers crossed it doesn't rain.  I've decided that regardless of what happens, I'm going to hand it over to the universe and trust that all will work out in the best way possible.  Thankfully I have reliable friends and family to help get it all done. 

    I also keep focusing on the end result - I will get to share the great practice of yoga with new students and be a more active part in our local yoga community. You have no idea how wonderful it is to be a part of the yoga teachers and studio owners in the Greater Lafayette area. I am truly blessed.

    (Oh, shoot, do I need a parish permit as well as a city permit?) Well, I'm off to take care of more details.

    I'm definitely grateful for the years of yogic breath training to keep my bliss in tact. I know that the end result is all going to be worth it and can't wait for June 18 and the opportunity to meet everyone who shows up for our Taste of Yoga.  


    I hope to see you there!



  • The Birth of Twisted Sisters

    Looking back, it seems sometimes as if I lost my mind three months ago when I decided to quit my job of over a decade and open a yoga studio in the Lafayette area with my sister, Lauren. While this undertaking would have been challenging under the best of circumstances, I was also in the final stages of planning a destination wedding in Hawaii. Forehead slapping crazy, right?!

    The truth is it hasn't been that bad. While it has been hectic, my fiance (now husband), Craig Simon has been my partner, my cheerleader and even my laborer when necessary. I could not have done this without his support, encouragement and hard work. Then there's my sister, Lauren. We've always had a close relationship and if you ever need someone in your corner, Lauren is the person to have. A degreed chemical and environmental engineer, who shares my passion for yoga, Lauren has filled in so many gaps where needed. So while I was off in Hawaii for two weeks getting married and honeymooning (taking lots of yoga classes...yoga in Hawaii with internationally recognized teachers, are you kidding me?) Lauren was at home dealing with permits, and signs and, well, just too many things to list. Did I mention that my wedding and honeymoon break was a mere weeks before the studio's grand opening? Apparently, I like pressure. But, then, I do know how to use the breath to bring calm to even the most stressful situations. If it ever becomes an Olympic sport, I’m up for at least a bronze medal.

    So we came back from our honeymoon and hit the ground running, setting up websites, creating a class schedule, class descriptions, teacher bios, developing a marketing plan, setting budgets, launching a Facebook page and Instagram, painting walls, installing a wood-plank floor, decorating, finding furnishings all those thousands of little details you try not too hard to think about for fear your head will explode. But thanks to family and friends, who without hesitation have rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to help where they could, we are on schedule and looking forward to celebrating International Yoga day and our grand opening.

    We hope to see you at Twisted Sisters Yoga soon.